AI and Machine Learning for Design

Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), Neural Design, Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks to name a few – are developing rapidly.

Artificial intelligence could potentially help designers streamline the more basic and tedious aspects of design to free up more time for creative problem solving.

AI Design.Tools
is a website where I am aiming to hand pick the best articles and tools globally about taking advantage of artificial intelligence for the design profession. Putting together a handy collection on this website for everyone's benefit. It's not about theory only – I test and use most of these tools myself.

One of my focus areas is curation – automating design processes to get unlimited possibilities for exploration. Where we designers become curator, picking the best designs out of the variations the computer made for us. Something similar concept that can be seen in this Autodesk video:

See another example of a simple curation process. Tool provided by components.ai:

components.ai generative design tool

The other area is the personalisation of user experience: based on previously collected data, the experience is tailored to the individual user with the help of AI.

By using AI driven parametric and algorithmic design apps, we could personalise interfaces and brands up to the smallest details. As designers we can take the following into account: time of the day when the customer interacts with our product, the user's age, emotional state and and many other data we don't even know about yet.

There will be a lot of architecture related articles, because the methods and tools used in architecture could be applied to visual design, product and graphic design.

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