Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ultimate manifestation of the promise of technology to improve our lives.  Within our lifetimes AI will become omnipresent across every segment of economic activity and within every field of human endeavour.  But AI is not a single genus but a constellation of technologies that must work together in harmony.

By 2030 over 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things and will include new sensor technologies which will capture and create new modalities of data.  5G will be enabling instantaneous processing of this data with a level of efficiency far beyond human capabilities, and robotics technologies will be performing actions chosen only by AI.

Mastering this constellation of artificial intelligence technologies is a rainbow of minds from data scientists to robot builders and AI investors.  Together they are pioneering the technologies of the artificial intelligence economy and working toward making the world a better place.  Whilst our list is not exhaustive, it shows the diversity of AI pioneers.

Our list of AI influencers that you should be following are, in no particular order, are…