AI Innovations to Enhance UX

We already interact with AI all the time – it’s part of UX design already.
"In just half a century, AI’s role in society has become firmly established. It has transformed both UI and UX design, breaking down the physical barriers that exist between humans and digital interfaces. AI inhabits consumer electronics in the form of Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant – these forms of AI remove the need for humans to interact with information ourselves – the AI does that for us.

AI in UX Design

This can be visualized through science fiction that depicts humans alongside intelligent robots that respond to human commands and environmental cues. Instead of manually inputting information into a digital interface , humans navigate digital information through AI. Exceptionally intelligent chatbots like the award-winning Mitsuku can equip humans with a ‘partner in UX’ – an AI bot that navigates information on our behalf so we don’t need to navigate it ourselves.

Increase Speed, Reduce Error

AI’s ability to crunch through calculations enhances UX chiefly by saving time and minimising the number of interactions humans need to have with an interface. This enhances UX by circumventing the need for humans to manually calculate and input data themselves – AI takes care of these repetitive tasks, streamlining our user experiences.

Embrace Automation

The rise of robotic automation and AI has raised legitimate ethical and existential concerns as highlighted by Elon Musk and the late Sir Steven Hawking. Immediate concerns tend to revolve around the capacity for automation to strip us of our jobs, replacing various departments within businesses almost wholly. By dealing with menial, repetitive tasks such as data input and analysis, AI enables human skill and talent to be directed elsewhere – this emphasizes the most important tenets of UX"